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Safety leadership

The future depends on what we do today

We’re learning from the past to make our future safer

Being safe and secure is one of the seven core behaviours that form Behaving the Atkins way: our code of conduct. Looking out for our own, and our colleagues' safety and security is an important aspect of our culture. We must continue to develop our mindset to always deliberately choose behaviours that reduce risk. With the aim of developing instinctive 'naturally' safe behaviours where our immediate response to an unsafe situation is a safe one.

Our CEO Prof Dr Uwe Krueger has already shared his view:

“Nothing is more important than personal safety and security.”

But what does that mean in practice?

In December 2016 our CEO sent an important safety message to all staff about our decision that from 1 January 2017, no business journey can be made by motorbike, scooter or moped across the whole of the Atkins Group.

"The safety of our people is my top priority.  We have a very strong safety culture in Atkins but we must continuously challenge whenever we think something is unsafe.  While the decision regarding motorbikes, scooters and mopeds only affects a small number of people, we should all be challenging ourselves to take the safest mode of transport every time we travel.  Please exercise caution, and support each other in doing the same so that we all get home safe at the end of every day."

Based on a variety of sources including client feedback, incident reports and employee experience; five key topics have been highlighted as everyday risks for us all. We expect all our employees to adopt these simple ways of working and to remind each other about them. At Atkins, we encourage our people to always challenge the unsafe.

By getting these simple things right, we can reduce the risk to ourselves and others:


Safe and secure by choice


Find out more in our Health and Safety Policy Statement and in our Slavery and human trafficking statement.

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