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How to use the website

You are currently accessing the Atkins mobile website as we’ve detected you’re on a mobile device. If this is incorrect, please click here to access the desktop version of the Atkins website.

We’ve created this mobile version of our website so that you can access the latest information about Atkins, on the move. This means that all of our latest news, events, projects, investor information and other key material is available via this mobile website. It’s important to note that not every page of content on our desktop site is available in the mobile platform, but we’ve included clear signposts to indicate where more information is available or where you’re being directed to the desktop site. However, we have been able to take advantage of mobile-specific functionality so you can now find your nearest office (automatically, by using your mobile device’s location settings), identify your nearest Atkins project, tap to add events to your calendar, or tap to email or call contacts from within the mobile website. If the mobile site is not able to detect your location (for example, if location settings are turned off or a firewall restricts access) then the nearest office will default to our London address.

On pages where there is regional-specific information available, you’ll find filtering options so that you can focus on the regional content you want to read. And our share functionality has been embedded throughout so you can easily share our content on your favourite social media network. The menu button in the top left hand of your screen will provide you with a list of sections and pages, including links to our external websites for careers or Angles, our thought leadership platform – both of which have mobile-friendly platforms. The menu button is also helpful for indicating the page you’re currently on – and if in doubt, you can always tap the logo at the top of the screen to return to the home page.

Please note – this link will take you through to a website operated by another organisation. ATKINS do not have any control over the content of external websites and can accept no responsibility or liability in respect of the material on such websites.

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